My Everyday Carries

Well Howdy everyone!
It's Kim here again to show you my new Pocket wide that I transformed from my December LBB A6 Travelers Notebook! 

I originally did this back in September with the same size TN and I've used it for my everyday carry ever since!  I thought it might be time make and set up another one using the December kit with both digital and physical.  If you haven't seen it, here is the unboxing of it!

Here is the You Tube Video on how I accomplished this very easy thing!  I do use a sewing machine but it is so not necessary to make this easy transformation. Next is the inside after I got it all set up!

Inside my first dashboard, I have a scrap piece of acetate from when I set up my Standard Everyday Carry (and this is the blog post set up of that).  This time I stamped 'plans' on the tab and added my favorite Frenchie to the mix too!

On another dashboard, I created this montage of pretty striped scraps in the corner.  I really use absolutely everything left on my crafting table :)

I love this corner of my monthly January layout in my pocket tn.

Talking about monthlies, I have my Pink-a-dot Standard TN set up as well! This time it's February! 

I just had to use those ombre date covers and few stickers I had left for the month!

The washi came in handy to create a backdrop for the coffee cup and word stickers.

No corner of my TN is untouched with ML pretties!

I did have a chance to foil some printed acetate from the kit. One in gold frenchies and the other marbled paper in rose gold!

The best part of Mommy's kits is the abundance of supplies both digitally and most importantly physically.  I had enough to do spreads in each too!

Here is a walk through video on how I decorated both planners!

I hope you enjoy both videos!

Thanks for stopping! 

Weekly Faith Journal Entry | The Fairytale Club

Hi all, Kim here:) I've got a couple techniques that I want to share with you using the Everyday Wishes Kit!  I am doing another entry in my Faith Planner today as it works so well in here! Just wait amd see what I did!

I started off pretty tame on this page.  I just mounted this weeks prompts on to a piece of paper, and added it by using my grommet maker, a piece of seam binding and secured it with a couple staples.  I added a few stickers, die cuts and a couple sequins to fill in the gaps.

On the page opposite, I fussy cut some of the patterned umbrella pattern paper and mounted that on a piece of the packaging.  I love how the two meld together in a vignette here in my planner.

In between those pages, I trimmed a personal planner page for just the rainbow and the wish statement. I often use this as an extra add in flip space to journal, but this time I just used a piece of scrap paper and a unicorn die cut on the back for show.

I also added the confetti acetate page this weeks pages. On top of it, decided to scan one of the A5 planner dividers to get this phrase and then used my electronic cutter to get it attached with some adhesive vinyl. I did back it with a circle of patterned paper on the other side to give it some visual heft.

I did add a piece of paper on the bottom as well as a sticker, kinda like a page turning handle. I love acetates and how they add effect to the following page but still see through!

I couldn't help but add that extra special touch to my planner by decorating the pockets in a very simple way. I tamely loaded them with die cuts, pattern paper and a few planner clips too!

Hopefully you enjoyed this planner entry using the wonderful coloring of the Everyday Wishes collection!

Dreams really do come true!

My Kitchen Planner | Fairytale Club

Hi there!  I made myself another planner. (yup, insert eye roll here.)  I know, I know but listen to my reasoning.  When I'm in my office for the majority of the day, the main planner I work with says there, besides some nightly outings to the living room to sit and plan for the next day.  I've noticed that my meal planner and wellness insert where I track my eating habits are not getting used consistently.  After thinking about it for a while it isn't the fact that I don't want to write down what I want to make or eat, it's the fact that its not in the kitchen when I need to write these certain things down.

Using the Everyday wishes kit, it was a cinch to put together.  The personal size dividers needed just a hare of a trim to fit perfectly on top of the other pattered paper to make then super sturdy.

I made a little bag out of this beautiful patterned paper which will hold my grocery receipts for tracking expenses.  To make then easy to stuff in I used my pinking sheers to trim the front down to one layer and arched the top too.

I folded the sides together for a seam down the back and angled the corners on the bottom to make it crease up nicely.

A paperclip holds a few extra goodies on the back!

And my leading lady looks on to some daily notes that I can take out quickly and throw in my purse.  I did add one die cut in the corner to make me feel as if I'm trying to make it pretty!

One of my favorite parts about every kit is the acetate.  I trimmed and laminated it for a bookmark for easy turning on my wellness insert.

I love that a quick and easy project can make me feel so much more organized!

Thank you for stopping today!!

Work Planner Tabs and Dividers | Freckled Fawn

Hello!  By now you've figured out that I'm kinda a freak of a planner girl!  I love tabs, sections, dividers, put it simply I love decorating so I love being in my planner!

Today I've got a set up using every single paper from the December Embellishment Kit  and all the bells and whistles Doe and Dear provide for us every single month!

I do enjoy embellishing the front pockets of my planner.  This month is just a smattering of journal cards wood veneer  and patterned paper!  

On my first dashboard I used parts of pattern paper and adhered them together using the sparkly kit washi tape. On top I placed a journal card with a label and a epoxy heart.

Tabs don't always have to be plain.  I've jazed this one up to be more sturdy on vellum by adding a few die cuts and some rhinestone hearts for decoration!

I always add a personal touch to my dashboard pockets too!

Often I use picture of the pictures I use for my creative work.  It makes it look polished too!

And just because it's January doesn't mean I can't use December remembrances in my planner!

I incorporated some older large green striped Freckled Fawn alphas to this cute scrapbook-ish layout for another dashboard insert.

It has been an lovely but enjoyable way to incorporate this embellishment kit to create a one of a kind planner!

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My Ode to Tea | Freckled Fawn

Hello, Kim here and Happy New Year to you guys!  I hope that you have big plans for 2018 including big crafty plans!

I've been scrapping small lately as it seems I can find more time to do more memory keeping this way. Today I'm showing you a layout done in an A6 Travelers notebook!

It's a simple one page-r but is it chocked full of a whole bunch of FF goodies!

I am using the December Embellishment Kit and I've noticed that although there are several holiday theme items, it really is a kit you can use all winter long!

The resin mitten shape is just the perfect placement to top of the red tag.  I did add a piece of twine to it for texture though.  Above, I have a vellum sticker, with scalloped shapes to accent the top of the page.

Below in on partial journal card  is my ode to tea.  I did place another vellum strip underneath along with another piece of patterned paper.  I topped it off with the red puffy alpha stickers and put a wood veneer border shape as  the page foundation.

And if your wondering... I do love my tea!  
Thank you for stopping by today!

Homespun Planner | Mommy Lhey

As most of you know, or maybe not,  my roots for my love of planning go way back to pre-paper.  I'm a reformed quilter who loved the tearing apart to put back together aspect of cutting and sewing.  And I thought it was time to infuse a touch of those sensibilities in my planner for a fresh start for 2018.

In the pockets of my Mommy Lhey Pink-a-dots Standard size Travelers Notebook, I've got a black striped bag I added stitching to. But here is the thing, I sewed the paper by itself then glued it onto the outside of the bag so the bag is still functional to put goodies in.  I also added a ribbon to the bottom of my flair paper clip instead of the top to keep this little cutie company!

This guy is one of my favorite characters ever of Mommy Lhey's!  I had to digitally color his cute tongue and back him with a sticky note and some striped paper too!

 A collection of washi and stickers makes the back side of the striped paper a perfect place to land.

On the opposite page I gold foiled one of the puppy papers included in the freebie digital link on the back of the physical kit title card. The tag on top was a cinch to made. I just cut a piece of packaging sewed along the edges, punched a hole and added a sticker and a die cut too!  The doily on the back adds another bit of homemade touch, don't you think?!

I did print off one of the digital files as is and placed it in one of my plastic dashboards. Mommy makes it so easy to spruce up our planners with ready to go products including the foiled acetate in this months kit!

I usually have so very many scraps hanging out on my table after cutting numerous insert covers, I decided to sew them together to make an insert cover with them too!  I thought it would be nice to use some of my neglected decorative stitches on my machine to round it out.

I then finished out the page with a cut out of my favorite Frenchie and a digital stamp too.

If you noticed this bag hanging around it was a part of the packaging.  I decided to make it shorter by cutting off the bottom, re sewing it together and making a stand up catch all bag for my die cuts, washi and extra pens on my desk!

I hope you enjoyed some of the homespun set-up of my planner using the much loved December kit!

If you haven't gotten a chance to see the unboxing of this special kit.... here it is!!

Thanks for stopping by!